The mission of this project is the establishment of the elite tourism already missing in Albania. The purpose of the company through Ksamili Project is to provide the resi-dents of Albania, Albanian immigrants living abroad, the Albanian minority living in the neighbor countries, Kosovo people and foreign tourists, with guaranteed entertain-ment for all ages in an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere and clean environment. It will provide excellent service using the most technologically advanced equipment in a clean environment, which will cater to the entire tourist community in the facility.
The tourist will enjoy several services such as: excellent restaurants, bars, gym, relaxing facilities of massaging etc, indoor and outdoor sports

The resort we all want

The resort will also be perfect for conferences or meetings.

The location is very close to “Butrinti” Park, declared part of the World Inheritance, certified and protected by UNES-CO, offering a possibility to attract tourist guides from the cultural, historical, archeological point of view.

• Ksamil, Sarandë.
• Surface of the area: 60 Ha.:
• 20 Ha for construction;
• 40 Ha forest and greenery areas.
• Total Construction Area: 220.000 m².
• Total Constructions Surface: 41.000 m².


• Family villas for rent and sale;
• Hotel;
• Swimming Pools;
• Gyms and Sport Fields;
• Bars and Restaurants;
• Conference Rooms;
• Disco and shops;
• Relax Center;
• Health care for children and tourists etc