Due to the extension area of this project and facilities offered, this complex may be considered a “parallel city”, where you may find all the functions and services necessary and also a lot of commercial offerings, social and cultural facilities that add a great value to this project. This is by all means the first complex of this dimension and complexity.

An ambitious project that will give the city of Tirana the stretch and the other dimension in development, also a new designing way where the function, the services and the gobliness intertwine. A new social ecosystem where people and nature are the parable of what might be the future of this area of the city.

49 Residential Towers

This Project is located at West side of Tirana, in a commercial area; in front of Durres Street, 2 km from the center of Tirana; 12 km from “Mother Teresa” Airport.


• Rr. “Durrësit” Përballë Doganës.
• Total Surface Area: 220.000 m².
• Total Construction Area: 673.500 m².


• 49 residential towers and commercial center;

• Hotel;
• High School;
• Office Towers;
• Cinema;
• Park Sport Fields;
• Hypermarket;
• Fitness;
• Cafeteria;
• Restaurants and service areas;
• Parking.