Residential Development "Kristal D"

The 4th Building of the “Kristal”

Shopping Center and Residential Complex

Organization: The building is organized in 40 residential units, with the typology of apartments 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and dublex. It offers the maximum privacy being divided into 4 staircases, which are each organized with elevator and natural lighting. Taking advantage of the very favorable position between 2 streets with a large pedestrian and vehicle turnover, the business spaces are organized in 2 floors, each of which has direct street exit and maximum exposure from both sides with large facades, of triplex glass. It is also completed the part of the maintaining services of this building and underground parking.

Construction Technology:

  • Thermo insulation
  • Thermo Duralumin profile with double glass
  • Acoustic and thermo insulation between residential units
  • Laminate Floor or Grès Porcelain floor tiles
  • Triplex glazed windows in business premises
  • Staircases with elevator and natural lighting
  • Water tank located underground floor which guarantee 24h water
  • Special thermo insulation of the terrace