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Solar Park “Project Blue”

Matrix Konstruksion in collaboration with Blessed Investment, has invested in the innovative project of installing the biggest energy solar park in Albania and in the region, Photovoltaic Park “Project Blue”. “Project Blue” represents a milestone in the history of energy production in Albania. It is the largest privately owned photovoltaic project in the region that does not depend on government subsidies. With a planned installed capacity of 100 MW (AC), it consists of two separate sites with 50 MW (AC) capacity each. The project area covers a total of approximately 240 hectares separated into two different sites located near the seashore, in Fier. With more than 2,850 sunshine hours per year and a solar radiation higher than 1,600 kWh/m2, this location allows for higher efficiency in the production of solar energy. Exploiting this energy, by installing solar panels will bring a very important change in our country, in this way also joining the global efforts to save the planet.


Sheq Marinas, Fier


246 Hectares, sites Blue 1 & Blue 2


100 MW (AC)

Expected time for operating the two sites

50 months

Expected lifetime of photovoltaic units

25 years