Our Staff

Led by a Strong Leadership

Since the creation of the company we have allways hired highly qualified professionals. Our staff offers all the necessary skills and capabilities to successfully manage different projects starting from the design up to the operational phase. They are able to carry out surveys and analyses enabling the management of every possible situation.

Our employees are well- trained and due to their long experience, they offer the best professional services at the required standarts. Many of them have professionally grown and matured within the company, and others have joined the company bringing in a valuable experience, ensuring a balance of different perspectives.

Principles on which we rely to achieve the highest standards in the safe performance and good health of our employees in various projects:

Significant management commitment;

Fair communication system from top to bottom in the organization of society;

Business decisions are based on good health and safe management. Matrix Construction implements an effective HSE management system in order to have continuous improvements and sets objectives to monitor the results of application of defined objectives. Matrix Construction is constantly looking for effective methods to promote positive effects and reduce HSE risks by promoting the “Zero Accidents” philosophy through various projects.